Microbial Community Analysis with EcoPlates™

Microorganisms are present in virtually all environments and are typically the first organisms to react to chemical and physical changes. Changes in microbial communities are often a precursor to changes in the health and viability of the environment as a whole.

Community-Level Physiological Profiling (CLPP) has been demonstrated to be effective at distinguishing spatial and temporal changes in microbial communities. In applied ecological research, EcoPlates are used as both an assay of the stability of a normal microbial population and to detect and assess changes following the onset of an environmental variable.

Analyze population changes in soil

Test water and wastewater

Determine bioremediation effectiveness

Test activated sludge, compost and industrial waste


The utility of the data from our EcoPlates has been documented in over 500 publications using Biolog technology to analyze microbial communities. Visit our Publication Database.

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