Multiomic Microbial Identification

All of your microbial identification needs in one place, with the fastest standard turnaround time, outstanding accuracy and service.

Genotypic Identification

DNA Sequencing

A curated library

Biolog Lab Services uses a custom DNA alignment algorithm for sequencing data analysis, which offers up-to-date taxonomy and an expansive library. Curated entries mean more meaningful reports, and our experienced team gives you the edge you need to interpret results and resolve issues.

Why sequence with us?
  • Sequence-based identification ensures you get reproducible results with your chosen turnaround time (same day, next day, or standard 3-day)
  • Sequences are aligned to Biolog Lab Services’ proprietary libraries to generate an identity match
  • Our extensive analysis software ensures accurate species identification
  • Universal domain-level primers eliminate up-front optimization
  • DNA-based analysis enables us to identify bacteria using objective criteria
OrganismWhat we sequenceChoose this option for:
Bacteria16S partial gene (500 bp)Quick and convenient ID
Bacteria16S full gene (1500 bp)Discrete differences within entire gene
FungiD2 gene (300 bp)Quick and convenient ID
Analysis of Raw Data Sequence

Do you have a sequence but no ID? We offer same-day analysis of raw data sequence files. Send us your FASTA files, and we will analyze the data and attempt to provide identification by matching them to our extensive, proprietary library.


Do you need a sequence comparison report? Send us your purified samples for processing and identification to perform the comparison. Or send us your FASTA files, and we will compare it.

Proteotypic Identification


Fast accurate IDentification

Using the MALDI-TOF method, our proprietary algorithms, and validated library, we generate your sample report identifying microbial contaminants to the species level.

Choose from next day priority, 2-day priority, or our standard 3-day turnaround times.


No-Match Sample Guarantee

To ensure you always get an ID, we offer complimentary DNA Sequencing services to test samples that do not ID using MALDI-TOF (restrictions apply).

Phenotypic Identification

Odin Platform and ID Panels

Checking IDs

Test drive Biolog’s benchmark products to identify microorganisms or classify contaminants.

For nearly 40 years, Biolog technology has been critical for microbial identification for many companies. We can help you phenotypically identify yeast, bacteria, anaerobes, or fungi with our microbial identification microplates. A proprietary set of reagents are pre-arrayed on microplates, and respiration is monitored over time with a reporter dye. At every interval, Odin™ searches its extensive database of nearly 3,000 organisms to match the unique respiration fingerprint.


Advantages of multiomic microbial identification.

We cover multiomic identification: unveiling the identities of bacteria, yeast, and fungi from all angles.

Genotypic Analysis: Deciphering genetic codes with Sanger DNA Sequencing. Sequencing of ribosomal RNA regions of bacteria and fungi.

Proteotypic Profiling: Exploring protein landscapes through Bruker MALDI-TOF. Analysis of ribosomal proteins.

Phenotypic Insights: Odin’s lens into microbial behaviors. Analysis of biochemical reactions, acids and salt tolerance, metabolism, fermentation, etc.
We review Biolog’s solutions to identify thousands of aerobes, anaerobes, yeast, and filamentous fungi.

Biolog for Fungal Identification

Lab Services now offers a customized approach to challenging filamentous fungal ID.

With our novel method for subculturing, sample lysis and proprietary media that reduces contamination risk, we can now:

– effectively prepare the fungal samples

– ensure quick, effective, and accurate sample identification

– all in an average of 3 business days, or as fast as next day

Rapid Microbial Identification with MALDI-TOF Technology: Navigating the Fast Lane

In a world where speed, accuracy, and affordability rarely align, the emergence of MALDI-TOF technology has rewritten the rules for microbial identification. Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into microbial identification, now revolutionized by MALDI-TOF. At Biolog Lab Services, we’ve seamlessly integrated this cutting-edge technology into our microbial identification and characterization suite. In this session, we’ll introduce you to the power of MALDI-TOF, highlighting its suitability for microbial identification, and shed light on how our implementation of this technique synergizes with other contamination identification and microbial classification methods.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the fast lane of microbial identification!

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