Anaerobic Bacteria Test Panel

The Anaerobe Identification Test Panel (AN Microplate) is a rapid broad-based identification and characterization product designed for anaerobic bacteria.

  • Analyze an unknown microorganism with simultaneous phenotypic tests. The test panel provides a “Phenotypic Fingerprint” of the microorganism that is used to identify it at the species level.
  • All necessary nutrients and biochemicals are prefilled and dried into the 96-wells microplate. Redox dyes with colorimetric indicators enable a sensitive assay for carbon source utilization.
  • Grow your isolate on agar medium and then suspend it in our inoculating fluid. Transfer it to the AN Microplate and incubate in hydrogen-free environmental containment. If the cells can utilize the unique substrate in each well, they will respire and cause the dye to change color. During incubation, the phenotypic fingerprint of wells is compared to Biolog’s extensive database. A species-level identification of the isolate is made when a match is found.

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