Microbial Identification Microplates

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Microbial Identification

Rapidly and accurately identify nearly 3,000 species of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

In addition to species-level identification, Biolog’s advanced phenotypic technology provides valuable information on the functional properties of strains. Biolog’s carbon source utilization technology identifies environmental and pathogenic microorganisms by producing a characteristic pattern or “metabolic fingerprint” from discrete test reactions performed within a 96-well microplate. Culture suspensions are tested with a panel of pre-selected assays, then incubated, read and compared to our extensive database.


Getting the answers you need has never been easier

  • Simple one minute setup procedure
  • No gram stain or other tests needed
  • Fully automated, semi-automated, and manual solutions for any level of throughput

Biolog’s Microbial ID microplates incorporate a patented redox tetrazolium dye that changes color as a result of cellular respiration, providing a metabolic fingerprint.

Our complete solution includes instruments, consumables, database, and software.

The database has been designed specifically to support the needs of environmental monitoring, QC microbiology, water and waste-water testing, agricultural and veterinary applications, and other non-clinical needs.

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