Biolog For Basic Research

Biolog data has been published in over 5,000 publications because we provide
powerful analysis tools for addressing questions on cellular phenotyping and metabolism. Our patented technology is used in many applications, including microbial identification and characterization, as well as advanced phenotypic analysis for cells of all types, from microbial to mammalian.
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Microbial Characterization

Biolog’s phenotypic profiling can be deployed in your own lab to identify environmental and pathogenic microorganisms that produce a “metabolic fingerprint” from discrete test reactions performed within a 96-well microplate.


Microbiome analysis can be performed with phenotypic profiling to characterize the community.

Detect changes in metabolic rates for various substrates, relative sensitivity to antibiotics, and other community analysis questions.

Mammalian Cell Characterization

Phenotype MicroArray Mammalian Assays can be used to correlate phenotypes with genotypes, improve bioprocess conditions, screen for toxins, and answer many more questions on cellular metabolism, nutrition, respiration, growth and death.

Biolog’s MitoPlates enable characterization of mitochondria, looking at rates of substrate metabolism, sensitivity to drugs and other chemicals, and effects of mutations in mitochondria-related genes.

Cancer Research

Cancer cells undergo enormous changes in metabolic pathways.

Instead of testing one pathway at a time, interrogate up to 367 pathways simultaneously. Different cell lines leverage different metabolic pathways in the normal and disease state and those can also change over time and with multiple passages. Phenotyping capabilities are an essential way to track and monitor differences and changes over time.

Gene Editing

Metabolic phenotyping can be used in many stages of gene editing.

If you’re starting from homology, confirm that the gene has the same function. If it’s a well characterized gene, determine its role in cell physiology. If it’s a complete mystery, phenotyping can provide insight to the potential physiological effect of your edit in a single experiment.

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