Biolog Microbial Phenotyping Services


Understand Genetic Outcomes

Gene editing and directed mutagenesis have expanded the horizons of microbial capabilities. Still, they don’t reveal how a specific strain reacts in its environment, whether in soil, a bioprocess tank, or a liquid solution. Phenotype MicroArray™ technology is the next step in cellular characterization, making it possible to measure thousands of phenotypes in a single experiment. Through comprehensive and precise quantitation of phenotypes, researchers gain an unbiased understanding of how genetic variations, environmental fluctuations, and exposure to drugs or chemicals affect microorganisms.


Consult the Phenotyping Experts

Are you trying to understand how your microbe works in a specific environment? Are you exploring chemical sensitivity for yeast, fungi, or bacteria? At Biolog Lab Services, our team of experts is here to guide you in harnessing the potential of phenotyping for your unique project. It starts with a consultation with our expert scientists who will walk you through how microbial phenotyping works and help you design a tailored experimental plan and define the project scope.


Partnering on Your Projects

For four decades, Biolog has been at the forefront of microbial characterization and identification. We use our newest innovation, the Odin™ platform, combined with Phenotype MicroArrays will help you classify and differentiate metabolism and respiration from biomass production (if that’s important to you). We customize the experimental conditions for your specific strains and meticulously gather the data, which is summarized in a detailed report. But our commitment doesn’t end there. If you require assistance in reanalyzing and comparing the data, we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Comprehensive Microbial Identification through Phenotyping

Our phenotyping services offer a classic and reliable method to characterize microbial strains. This data can be used in conjunction with other identification techniques such as MALDI-TOF or DNA sequencing, either to confirm results or to enhance your microbial understanding with phenotypic classification. What’s more, with our multiomic approach, you can be confident in obtaining the precise identification you seek.

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