Environmental Monitoring

Minimize downtime with robust instrumentation simple enough for anyone to use, or outsource your routine contamination testing to Biolog Lab Services

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Pharma QC

Confirm your manufacturing area is in compliance with cGMP requirements. Our instruments are designed for easy use and varying throughput, or you can use our Lab Services to test it for you.  Choose what works best for your lab to identify contaminants in as quickly as an hour.

Food & Beverage

Biolog Lab Services’ polyphasic approach to identification and characterization will give you the answers you need, specifically tailored to your lab capabilities or your manufacturing requirements.


Whether you are working with finished supplements or raw materials, quality verification testing is your strongest asset in establishing product quality and consistency. Enumeration and identification services are available for establishing comparison and quality benchmarks.

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Animal Science

Biolog’s identification capabilities can help you quickly identify the source of an infection and allow you to focus on getting your animals healthy and happy.

Contract Labs

With a myriad of capabilities in enumeration, sequencing, and identification, our Lab Services team will be happy to help expand your capabilities especially when time is of the essence to your clients.

Personal Care

We quickly and accurately deliver data you can use and trust. Our Lab Services team can help confirm product quality, and identify contaminants should they arise.

Ag & Environmental Profiling

Biolog phenotyping capabilities, whether instrumentation and panels , or lab services, can help you monitor for environmental changes and understand the impact on crops, soil or vegetation.


The importance of microbial phenotyping and identification is only beginning to be explored. Biolog instrumentation and our growing menu of metabolic assay panels can help you  better answer the questions important to your research.

Public Health

Biolog products are broadly applicable to public health needs, especially when trying to identify a microbe others can’t. With a database of over 7,000 microbial species, Biolog is your best partner to identify even the weird stuff.

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