Biolog for Drug Discovery

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Biolog products have broad applicability in many stages of the drug discovery and development process. Some of the applications for our Phenotype MicroArrays for microbial and mammalian cells and MitoPlates include:

  • Confirming efficacy of phage treatments
  • Distinguishing metabolic profiles for different cell types
  • Performing cell line quality control to monitor for phenotypic drift
  • Screening cell culture supplements to improve growth
  • Investigating mitochondrial changes impacted by cell differentiation, cancer, metabolic and other disorders
  • And more

There are many people already adopting Biolog technology to advance their phage therapy research. Just search our publication database for some examples of the amazing work happening in your field right now.

  • Measure bacteriophage growth
  • Measure bacterial growth in the presence of different phage in real-time and at high-throughput
  • Identify the ideal phage concentration for efficient bacterial killing

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