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World’s Best Solutions for Functional Insights


World’s Best Solutions for Functional Insights

Biolog has the tools, services, and support to provide the microbial phenotypic characterization and polyphasic identification capabilities required to produce functionally relevant insights. Our products and services enable characterization of microbial and mammalian cells as well as identification of thousands of species of bacteria, yeast, and fungi.


Experience for Every Ask

With the largest library of compounds and database of organisms for cellular interrogation, we leverage our unrivaled working knowledge of metabolic pathways and best-in-class services to identify and phenotypically characterize almost anything, even the weird stuff.


Committed to Development

The world is only beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible through functional phenotyping and polyphasic analysis. We are dedicated to supporting anyone ready to make the leap. Our range of use cases, standardized plates, and laboratory services grows broader every day.

Our History

A Little About Biolog

Biolog, Inc. is a privately held company that began operations in Hayward California in 1984, where the company remains headquartered today. The company’s product lines have been built upon patented technology that greatly simplifies cell identification and characterization, with applicability across basic research, bioprocess, sustainable agriculture and other markets where microorganism characterization is key to success.

In 2022, Biolog received funding from private investors including BroadOak Capital and Research Corporation Technologies. That spurred additional growth, including the acquisition of MIDI Labs, now Biolog Lab Services,  a business that founded the DNA sequencing method for microbial identification and has, for over two decades, delivered critical, time-sensitive ID for pharmaceutical, probiotic, food and beverage, and personal care manufacturing customers.  

Today, Biolog produces instrumentation, test panels, and critical software for phenotype characterization in microbial organisms, mammalian cell lines, and community analysis. We also produce microbial identification panels to enable the identification of bacteria, yeast, and fungi using our instruments. At our Newark, DE site we provide complementary laboratory services where, in addition to our phenotypic characterization tools we offer a full polyphasic approach for microbial ID, including genotypic and proteotypic services.

Biolog sells direct in the US, Germany, and Austria and through distribution channels throughout the rest of the world.

Board of Directors

Robert Wicke

CEO, Biolog

Bill Snider


Chad Souvignier


David Weber


Tim Harkness

Independent, Board Chairman

Joe Keegan


Biolog for You