Metabolic Characterization Microplates


Phenotype MicroArrays™ enable researchers to evaluate nearly 2,000 phenotypes of a microbial cell in a single experiment.

Through comprehensive and precise quantitation of phenotypes, researchers can interrogate metabolic pathways, ionic, osmotic and pH effects, and antibiotic/antimicrobial susceptibility.

  • Correlate phenotypes with genotypes
  • Determine a cell strain’s metabolic and chemical sensitivity profiles
  • Elucidate drug susceptibility
  • Optimize cell lines and bioprocess culture conditions
  • Characterize cellular phenotypes for taxonomic or epidemiological studies
Checking for Growth with odin

See what’s happening in two ways.

Odin measures a reporter dye over time at one wavelength to measure NADH production, effectively reporting the rate of metabolic respiration.

It also measures optical density (OD) at a second wavelength to determine how quickly the microbes are dividing. Taken together, you get a full picture of how your microbes grow best over time.

If you’re focused on cell growth, just leave the dye out. Odin automatically compares cell growth and metabolic activity curves to provide you with a clearer picture of how fast or slow your microbes are growing.

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