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Biolog gives educators the tools and information they need to teach more effectively. Our MicroStation is a powerful teaching tool that helps demonstrate and explain the fundamentals of Microbiology. Our microbial test panels allow students to learn about bacterial, fungal, and yeast characterization and identification, as well as the characterization of microbial communities.

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I’ve used the EcoPlates™ before and they worked well again. This time we used them on communities from stream water and sediments and some isolated bacteria from the same samples. The GEN III Microplates were used to test some interesting bacteria that may be novel species and they worked out great, especially for the gram-negative species.

Sean O’Connell, PH.D. (He/Him/His)
Associate Professor of Microbial Ecology, Western Carolina University

EcoPlates™ are used primarily in one fourth-year undergraduate course entitled, “Microbes in our Environment”. Students are given a choice of different soil type samples to run a battery of tests against, among which the EcoPlates are used. Later in the term, they are used again when students are given project work. Prior to the start of their project they are called to provide their own soil sample from wherever they choose to find them. They then study the effects of several pretreatments to their soil samples on the microbial community within the soil.

Jacylyn Villanueva
Technician, University of Manitoba

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