Bioprocess & Fermentation

Thoroughly screen for the best strains and the most cost-effective media. Use the same principles to quickly identify the effects of any change in process or changes in your cell lines.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Functionally characterize microorganisms that will enrich your soil and produce better crops while reducing environmental impact.

Synthetic Biology

Evaluate functional metabolic effects of gene variations on cellular phenotypes to make world-altering products for the future. After you’ve identified your best strains, maximize yield by optimizing the cell culture media.

Flavors & Fragrances

When it comes to identifying microbes with the best properties, they are what they eat! Phenotype MicroArrays identify the best carbon food sources, allowing your strains to produce the most amazing flavor and fragrances.  Unlock that potential by finding out exactly what they need.

BioPharma Manufacturing

Determine phenotypic differences between clones to optimize growth conditions and to monitor for phenotypic drift. Test up to 2000 conditions and have your answer in a day.

Biolog for You