Unveiling Environmental Microbial Mysteries: Harnessing the Phenotypic Approach

Biolog’s phenotypic method allows researchers to observe and quantify the metabolic capabilities of environmental microbial communities in a plethora of different environments: soil, water, plant, human-associated and engineered ecosystems. With an easy-to-use protocols, EcoPlates, Phenotype MicroArrays and Identification test panels could be effectively employed to define the functional traits of bacterial and/or fungal populations in both aerobic and anaerobic settings.
This webinar will show how Biolog’s approach works with complex microbial communities, what type of data it can generate and how it could complement metagenomics dataset and add the additional insights with the use of the fully automated Odin instrument. The presentation will also show key case studies where the Biolog technology has been used in the evaluation of environmental health, sustainable agriculture and soil management and even show some non-standard use of this flexible phenotypic tool.

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