June 15, 2023 — Hayward, CA – Biolog, Inc., a leading provider of microbial polyphasic analysis, today announced the launch of the Odin™ system, an all-in-one cellular phenotyping and microbial identification platform. Odin is compatible with all Biolog assays and is available now.

Until today, Biolog’s OmniLog® platform was the gold standard for researchers who want actionable insights on microbial metabolic phenotypes. Odin now builds on that foundation while maintaining the core capabilities to incubate, analyze, and compare thousands of microbial and mammalian growth conditions in a single experiment, and to identify aerobic bacteria by its metabolic fingerprint.

Odin changes up the detection method and uses Optical Density (OD), which enables a critical additional modality to measure cell growth. Now on a single platform, researchers can distinguish the effect of a substrate on growth (by OD) and by respiration using our proprietary dye, now an absorbance-based measurement. With the additional Odin capabilities, researchers can now decouple a microbe’s respiration rate from its division rate and more fully understand the metabolic output of a cell. With a fully loaded system, Odin records the OD for all conditions for up to 50 plates at a time, measuring the kinetics of cell growth and respiration for thousands of conditions in parallel.

Odin also has broader identification capabilities, including anaerobes, yeast, and filamentous fungi. All told, Odin can identify thousands of microbes, allowing researchers to classify unknown organisms and phenotype them on the same platform.

“We heard from our customers the need to directly measure growth. In a short time, we brought in additional scientific expertise, and built a product development engine. The customer-focused mindset and our dedicated teams have enabled us to quickly meet the needs of our customers,” said Robert Wicke, CEO of Biolog.

“Understanding how microbes respond to their environment and food sources is the major economic driver in sustainable agriculture, bioprocessing and synthetic biology, to name just a few areas. We are enthusiastic about the foundation that Odin creates for Biolog and our customers.” said Mr. Wicke.

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