November 16, 2022 — Hayward, CA – Biolog, Inc., a leading provider of cell-based microbial phenotypic profiling and identification products, including the company’s high-throughput OmniLog® system, today announced the launch of new customizable Phenotype MicroArrays™ to further assist Biolog’s customers with metabolic profiling of microbial, mammalian, as well as yeast and fungi cells.

Phenotype MicroArrays are designed to enable a comprehensive characterization of a cell’s physiological pathways for processing nutrients and handling stress. When run and analyzed using the OmniLog system, they interrogate metabolic pathways and chemical sensitivity properties of cells, allowing scientists to discover ways to optimize, inhibit or simply compare cellular behavior.

The new customizable Phenotype MicroArray assays will allow customers to focus on specific compounds of interest by assigning a unique substrate from over 1,200 chemicals in Biolog’s library, to each well of a 96 well MicroPlate. This allows users to test exactly what they need, leading to greater insights in a shorter timeframe using the same simple set-up protocols they use with Biolog’s OmniLog system today.

Under Biolog’s new leadership, the team is focused on new product development and, by listening to customers, are identifying ways to deliver even more value to their end users. “Biolog has amazing customers leveraging our Phenotype MicroArrays to characterize all types of organisms,” explained John Proctor, Ph.D. Biolog’s CCO. “I am inspired by how our customers envision using our technology in new ways and want to design their own MicroPlates to dig deeper into their research. Our new customizable Phenotype MicroArrays allow them to do just that.”

About Biolog

Biolog is a leader in microbial identification, phenotypic cell profiling, and metabolic fingerprinting for microbial and mammalian cells. Located in Hayward, CA, the company’s products enable the identification of thousands of species of bacteria, yeast, and fungi as well as characterization of human cells and mitochondria. Biolog products are available worldwide, either directly from the company or through its extensive network of international distributors.  For more information, visit