Microbial contamination happens. It is not just an “if” but a “when.” In brewing, there are so many opportunities for contamination, and if it happens, you need to identify the contaminant so that you can address it. Impurities can change the flavor, and this can cost you money and permanently damage your brand.

To ensure product quality and consistency, you need to identify microbial contaminants that can affect the quality of your beer. Most contaminants will produce off-flavors, acids and non-desirable aromas. They can also produce unintentionally hazy beers and films and may compete with the production strain for essential nutrients–this can result in stuck fermentation or over-attenuated beers.

Biolog Lab Services can help you identify contaminants that affect your product quality, helping you detect problems sooner and trace their source so you can eliminate them. We use DNA sequencing & MALDI-TOF to identify bacteria, yeasts and molds.