Customizable Phenotype MicroArray MicroPlates

Phenotype MicroArrays are designed to enable a comprehensive characterization of a cell’s physiological pathways for processing nutrients and handling stress. They interrogate metabolic pathways and chemical sensitivity properties of cells, allowing scientist to discover ways to optimize, inhibit or simply compare cellular behavior. ​

​Optimize your experiments by assigning a unique substrate from over 1,200 chemicals in Biolog’s library, to each well of a 96 well MicroPlate. Dive deeper into your research by designing custom MicroPlates that allow you to ask the most relevant questions for your experiments. Interrogate 1000’s of metabolic pathways based on your chemical specifications.

Interrogate 1,000’s of metabolic pathways and chemical sensitivity properties of microbial, mammalian or yeast and fungi cells. Select from over 1,200 compounds in Biolog’s library across 5 categories to create your own Customized Phenotype MicroArray MicroPlates:

  • Bacterial metabolic
  • Bacterial inhibitor
  • Fungal inhibitor
  • Mammalian metabolic
  • Mammalian inhibitor

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