Biolog Lab Services

We offer comprehensive microbial identification and confirmatory testing with unparalleled customer service. Whether you are concerned about contamination or enumeration, we will work with you to reduce costs and guarantee brand safety. Biolog Lab Services has ISO 17025:2017 accreditation for our DNA Sequencing and MALDI-TOF services to give you the utmost assurance in our results.


Identify bacterial or fungal contaminants with our genotypic ID services.

  • Sequence-based identification ensures you get reproducible results with your chosen turnaround time (same day, next day, or standard 3-day)
  • DNA-based analysis enables us to identify bacteria using objective criteria
  • Universal domain-level primers eliminate up-front optimization
  • Sequences are aligned to our proprietary libraries to generate an identity match.
  • Biolog Lab Services’ extensive Analysis Software ensures accurate species identification

OrganismWhat We SequenceChoose this option for:
Bacteria16S Partial Gene (500 bp)Quick and convenient ID
Bacteria16S Full Gene (1500 bp)Discrete differences within entire gene
FungiD2 Gene (300 bp)Quick and convenient ID

Identify bacteria and yeast contaminants with our MALDI-TOF services.

  • Cost effective identification tool comparable to DNA sequencing
  • Reliable to quickly identify probiotics and environmental bacterial isolates.
  • Combine with DNA Sequencing for unambiguous results 
  • Choose from Same Day Priority, Next Day Priority, 2-Day Priority, or our Standard 3-Day turnaround times.

Sample Submission Portal

We offer an easy-to-use online portal for sample submission; track your sample status from shipping to your report all in one place.

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