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Understanding Antibiotic Mechanism of Action with Phenotype Microarrays™ and Machine Learning

Webinar Topics Include • Need for better methods to determine Antibiotic Mode of Action • Surveying many metabolic parameters efficiently with Phenotype MicroArray plates • The novel “White Box” analysis and advantages compared to a “Black Box” analysis • Methods for independent verification of model predictions

Support of 21 CFR Part 11 with Biolog Identification Systems

This webinar will review Biolog’s support of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements when incorporating Biolog’s OmniLog® and MicroStation™ Systems in microbial identification testing environments

Microbial Cell Phenotyping Using Phenotype MicroArrays™

Evaluate nearly 2000 phenotypes of a microbial cell in a single experiment Utilize preconfigured 96 well plates containing ~800 metabolic substrates and 240 titrated pathway inhibitors to enable high resolution phenotyping Webinar Topics Include Overview of Phenotype MicroArray Technology Correlate genotypes with phenotypes Determine a cell’s metabolic and chemical sensitivity properties Optimize cell lines and […]

Fungal Identification and Characterization

Webinar Topics Include How to visualize Filamentous Fungi in your Lab Fungal Identification Methods Using the MicroStation™ to Identify Fungi Using Phenotype MicroArrays™ to Characterize Fungi

Mitochondrial Function in Yeast: Studies with a New Assay Technology

The metabolism of mitochondria generates energy and essential nutrients for its host cell and many human disorders are due to mitochondrial malfunction. Yeasts, as a system, offer a big advantage due to the simplicity of making mutants to model human mitochondrial disorders. This webinar will describe the novel yeast mitochondrial function assay technology developed by […]
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