MALDI-TOF (Proteotypic)

MALDI-TOF (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization-Time of Flight) is a powerful, cost-effective identification tool comparable to DNA Sequencing. It’s a reliable tool for quickly identifying probiotics and environmental bacterial isolates.
The identification process

The MALDI-TOF ID process starts with a 24-hour subculture of a pure bacterial or yeast sample.

Next, cellular proteins are extracted and aliquoted onto a MALDI target and topped with a matrix solution. Finally, the sample is desorbed and ionized, and the resulting analytes are accelerated into the Time-of-Flight chamber, where they are analyzed via mass spectrometry. The mass spectra are compared to the Bruker library and our proprietary, validated library, and a sample report is generated with our custom interpretation algorithm.

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Dual ID

We can provide a comprehensive, polyphasic approach to ID by offering multiple complementary services.

Combining MALDI-TOF ID with DNA Sequencing can increase confidence and provide unambiguous results.

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