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March 2018
March 20th
Thinking Outside the Box With Phenotype MicroArrays™

Beatrix Alsanius (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU; Dept of Biosystems and Technology)
Lea Vaas (Bayer, Germany)

Despite the overruling impact of light in the phyllosphere, little is known regarding the influence of light spectra on non-phototrophic bacteria colonizing the leaf surface.

We developed an in vitro method to study the phenotypic responses of bacterial cultures to different bands of the visible light spectrum using blue, red and white LEDs, by modification and optimization of a protocol for Phenotype MicroArrays™. The new protocol revealed high reproducibility of substrate utilization under all conditions tested.

Challenging the non-phototrophic bacterium Pseudomonas sp. DR 5-09 with monochromatic blue and red LED, as well as polychromatic white LEDs, demonstrated that all light treatments affected the respiratory profile differently. Although non-phototrophic bacteria do not rely directly on light as an energy source, Pseudomonas sp. DR 5-09 changed its respiratory activity on various substrates differently when exposed to different lights. Thus, ability to sense and distinguish between different wavelengths even within the visible light spectrum must exist, and leads to differential regulation of substrate usage.

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March 29th
New Probes of Mitochondrial Function

MitoPlates™ provide a powerful new research tool by allowing scientists to run preconfigured sets of 96 mitochondrial function assays in one experiment. Mitochondria can be interrogated and characterized in novel ways, looking at rates of substrate metabolism, sensitivity to drugs and other chemicals, and effects of mutations in mitochondria-related genes.

Investigate how mitochondria change with:

•Cell differentiation
•Cancer & Aging
•Neurological disorders
•Metabolic disorders
•Immune cell activation
•Bacterial/viral infection
•Inborn genetic defects
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