Advanced Phenotypic Analysis

New Probes of Mitochondrial Function - 25:35

Mitochondrial Function Assay Technology – A Leap Forward - 36:02

Immunometabolism of Dendritic Cells Studied with the Biolog Assay Platform - 42:51

Metabolic investigation of segmental overgrowth - 34:56

Evaluate ~1400 phenotypes of a mammalian cell in a single experiment - 32:11

Cancer Cell Research: New Metabolic Approaches - 29:59

Measuring Changes in Cancer Cell Enegetics with Phenotype MicroArrays - 32:49

Improving Bioprocesses using Phenotype MicroArrays - 31:10

Studying Autism Spectrum Disorder using Phenotype MicroArray Technology - 31:26

To view the video in full screen, please go directly to the vimeo website by clicking on the bottom right of the video where it says “Vimeo” then again on the bottom right there should be an option to enlarge to fullscreen.



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