Key Reasons Why Veterinary Microbiologists
Choose Biolog for Microbial ID

Key Reasons Why Veterinary Professionals
Choose Biolog Systems

  • A single GEN III test panel Identifies >1,300 bacterial species, including human and animal pathogens and environmental species
  • Customizable database allows addition of new and unusual species
  • Rapid set up per ID
  • No Gram stain, pre-tests, or follow-on tests

Biolog Microbial ID Systems are the preferred platform delivering accuracy, performance and flexibility to Animal Health Laboratories worldwide.
  • Higher ID rates and no off-line testing reduces lab costs
  • One plate does it all – fewer panels to QC, stock and inventory
  • Simple, one minute set-up equals less hands-on time and lower labor costs
  • Multiple levels of automation for any size lab or budget

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(Microbial ID Products Not for Human In Vitro Diagnostic Use)

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