Advanced Phenotypic Analysis


Phenotype MicroArray Services

A Breakthrough Technology

Phenotype MicroArrays (PMs) represent the third major technology, alongside DNA Microarrays and Proteomics. This technology makes it possible to test thousands of cellular phenotypes all at once. PM Services accepts bacterial and fungal strains for testing, and uses Biolog PM Technology to deliver data in a fee for service format. These extensive analyses include up to ~2000 tests. Tests include utilization of a wide variety of C, N, P, and S sources (~800 tests), pH growth range (~100 tests), ionic and non ionic osmotic sensitivity (~100 tests), and sensitivity to chemical agents that disrupt various biological pathways (~1,000 tests). PM analysis has been successfully implemented for a wide variety of model microbial cells.

Click here for maps of the PM tests on each plate
Click here to view an example of a pairwise comparison.

Visit the PM Bibliography and them PM Newsletter Archive for published PM data.



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