Advanced Phenotypic Analysis


Biolog's Microbial ID Systems are the Preferred Platform for Industrial and Environmental Microbiology Labs Worldwide

  • Identifies >1,350 bacterial species
  • Identifies > 600 filamentous fungi - supplemental macroscopic and microscopic morphology image library
  • Large environmental database includes many airborne spore-forming bacteria and Gram-negative non-fermenters
  • RetroSpect 2.0 trending and tracking software helps users identify trends and develop trend reports
  • On-site validation services
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant


See what Microbiology Professionals are saying about Biolog:

"We have been using the Biolog system for several years now. Upon validation of the new GEN III system earlier this year, we saw a great increase in turnaround time for microbial identifications. Aside from this, we performed an in house study using 16 environmental strains from a wide variety of sources as well as genera. The reads were 100% accurate from 4 different common agar sources, and many of the reads were able to be performed within hours of inoculating the Microplate with great accuracy and similarity to the species in the database."

Kara Crisp
RM (NRCM) Tolmar Inc.




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