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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Contact: Tim Mullane  
  Biolog, Inc.
  (510) 785-2564 ext. 319

Hayward , CA - July 26, 2005 - Biolog, Inc. announced today that its collaboration with Axiohelix ( Tokyo , Japan ) and the NARA Institute ( Nara , Japan ) to phenotype and determine the function of each gene in the E. coli genome has been extended. Biolog began using its proprietary Phenotype MicroArray™ (PM) technology in November of 2004 on the E. coli K-12 strain library developed by Dr. Mori and his colleagues at Keio University and the Nara Institute. This collection contains strains for which each gene in the genome has been mutated or “knocked-out”. The project is aimed at developing complete profiles of cellular expression (phenotypes) for every gene in the E. coli genome. The PM technology allows scientists to simultaneously test thousands of cellular traits in an efficient and easy to use format, and has applications in many areas of research including determining the effect of genetic changes on cells, mechanism of action (MOA) for new drug candidates, drug toxicity and cell line optimization.

In November 2004 Biolog began generating 2000 phenotypic responses for each gene knock-out in the E. coli genome, using the NARA Institute E. coli K-12 strain collection. It is anticipated that this analysis will be expanded to the entire E. coli genome in 2006. The analysis and databasing of cellular phenotypes has been performed at Biolog with the data being sent to The Nara Institute in Nara , Japan and Axiohelix in Tokyo and Naha , Okinawa . The database is being organized and cataloged by Axiohelix of Tokyo and Naha , Japan .

Analysis of the first 100 strains phenotyped with PM technology was presented in March 2004 at “The Frontiers of Microbial Research Genome Workshop” in Japan . The phenotypic data is being used in conjunction with data generated from other methods, including gene chips.

Biolog, a privately held company based in Hayward , CA , is a pioneer in the development of powerful new cell analysis tools for solving critical problems in clinical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology research and development. The company’s Phenotype MicroArray technology and OmniLog ® PM System can be used in the discovery and development of new drugs as well as bioactive agents for animal and plant applications. Further information can be obtained at the company’s website,

The Nara Institute of Science and Technology is a national university comprised solely of graduate schools. NAIST strives to promote basic research in advanced science and technology and to educate individuals to pursue R&D in multiple areas of science,

Axiohelix is a privately held company based in Tokyo , Japan serving multinational clients. The company offers a suite of services which include: consultancy, e-business and pervasive computing solutions, system integration, digital design, and outsourced code production. The company’s goal is to combine extensive industry experience, best practices in software production, with an efficient cost structure to their clients,

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