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For Immediate Release
Monday, March 31, 2000
Contact: Brian Sunkel
  Biolog, Inc.
  (510) 785-2564 ext. 324
New Biolog Identification System

Hayward, CA - Biolog, Inc. is pleased to announce a new release of its popular MicroLog™ Microbial Identification/Characterization System. Biolog has updated all four MicroLog Systems, including the two visually interpreted Systems the MicroLog 1 and MicroLog 2, as well as the automated MicroStation™ and MicroLog 3E (for microbial community analysis). The updated systems feature expanded software capability and larger organism database capability.

The MicroLog Release 4.01C System retains all of the customizable features of previous versions of the System. However, the new MicroLog Release contains some notable improvements including worksheets for higher throughput, simpler identification pattern comparison to the MicroLog databases, progressive identification capability, and improved download capability of data files. The popular MicroLog System feature, which allows the user to expand and create custom organism database files has been simplified and improved.

In Release 4.01C, Biolog has continued to update the MicroLog databases. These updates are intended to keep our customers current with the latest changes in organism taxonomy and nomenclature. Biolog has offered four database updates in 1999, more than any other microbial identification system. Additional features include a simplified and improved set-up, new anaerobic identification capability, and improved and expanded gram-negative and gram-positive identifications. These improvements bring the number of organisms offered within the databases to over 1,400 species/taxa of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and yeasts.

MicroLog Release 4.01C is the latest in a series of innovations for the microbiology laboratory from Biolog, Inc. For more information on the MicroLog System Release 4.01C or other Biolog products, contact Biolog, Inc. at (510) 785-2564 or visit the Biolog website at