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For Immediate Release
Monday, March 31, 2000
Contact: Brian Sunkel
  Biolog, Inc.
  (510) 785-2564 ext. 324
Anaerobe Identification Capability

Hayward, CA - Biolog, Inc. has announced the release of the MicroLog™ AN Database and AN MicroPlate™ for identification of anaerobic bacteria. With this product laboratories now have the capability to identify a wide variety of anaerobic bacteria.

The Biolog AN Database provides the capability to identify over 350 species of bacteria, far beyond any other kit-based anaerobic identification product. Additionally, the MicroLog AN Database provides anaerobic identification and characterization capabilities that previously were not readily available to most microbiologists.

As with other Biolog MicroPlates™, the AN MicroPlate performs 95 discrete tests simultaneously. The chemistry used in the AN MicroPlate is the same patented redox chemistry used in other Biolog MicroPlates. The patterns created are metabolic fingerprints of the organism being identified. The vast number of reaction patterns from a single MicroPlate allows the System software to provide a very accurate identification. Other kit-based identification methods rely on much less information for identification.

This product not only provides powerful identification capability, but also can be used for characterization. With the current state of anaerobic taxonomy in development, the MicroLog AN products provide an invaluable tool for anaerobic microbiologists.

The AN Database can be added to existing MicroLog Systems or can be purchased along with the MicroLog System. The AN MicroPlates and consumables are available in a conveniently prepared and pre-reduced format that is ready to use. This format facilitates the rapid identification of anaerobic bacteria.

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