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Tuesday, January 9, 2001
Contact: Tim Mullane Carole Melis
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Biolog Expands Phenotype MicroArray Assay™ Line For Cell-Based Analysis

Four New Phenotype MicroArray Panels Completed for use in Functional Genomics and Drug Discovery

Hayward, CA - January 9, 2001 Biolog, Inc., a biotechnology company pioneering powerful new tools for cell-based analysis, announced today that it has completed development of four additional Phenotype MicroArray (PM) panels. These new panels bring the total number of cell-based assays available in the PM format to 760.

PMs are designed to study a range of cell properties (phenotypes) as a means of understanding how a gene or a drug affects living cells - a critical step in identifying potential new drug targets and in developing safe and effective new drugs. Biolog's proprietary PM technology provides researchers with powerful, efficient and cost-effective information for determining gene function by directly measuring the consequence of a genetic change on cellular phenotypes. This technology allows researchers to test hundreds to thousands of cell properties simultaneously, and also has applications in validating and optimizing drug targets, determining a drug's mode of action, assessing toxicology, and basic cellular research.

The patented method involves the use of PMs to conduct a very detailed comparison of two cell lines, one of which has been modified by a gene mutation or tested with a drug lead. Data generated from the MicroArrays are captured and interpreted by Biolog's OmniLog® PM System, which uses bioinformatic software to report how the cells have changed. An advantage of the PM technology is its ability to detect many unexpected changes in cell function as easily as a singular phenotypic change.

The PM panels now include 190 assays to monitor carbon metabolism, 380 assays to monitor nitrogen metabolism, 95 assays to monitor sulfur and phosphorus metabolism, and 95 assays to monitor growth stimulation by different nutrients. Eventually, Biolog plans to offer 2,000 unique assays in the PM format for cellular analysis. This will require the release of approximately 1,200 additional assays, which is scheduled for later this year.

Currently the Phenotype MicroArray technology is optimized for use with bacteria and fungal cells. The company has developed procedures that facilitate analysis of the most important bacterial infectious disease agents, and has begun work on fungal pathogens. The company will soon begin work to apply the PM technology to mammalian cell lines.

Biolog is a pioneer in the development of powerful new cellular analysis tools for solving critical problems in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development. The company has recently launched its Phenotype MicroArray technology and OmniLog® PM System for such applications as determining gene function, validating and optimizing drug targets, and assessing cellular toxicology. Further information can be obtained at the company's website,