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Phenotype MicroArray Services

Purchase PM Services

Process for purchasing Services

  1. Contact PM Services at pmservices@biolog.com or call 510-670-3370 to determine if we can accept your project. We will consider technical aspects and federal import regulations.
  2. If you do not have a Biolog account and you wish to use a purchase order, fill out an account application (for profit) or account application (not-for-profit). This form is not required when using a credit card. Customer service can look up your existing PM account number for you to enter on your billing form. csorders@biolog.com or 1-800-284-4949.3. Fill out a billing-information/order form.
  3. Email billing information form and/or account application to csorders@biolog.com or fax to 510-782-4639.
  4. Fill out a strain questionnaires (one per strain) or strain table (many strains). Please fill out strain information completely.
  5. Return strain questionnaires via email to pmservices@biolog.com or FAX to PM Services 510-782-4639.
  6. Obtain a Shipment_ID from PM Services. Consult Biolog's PM Services shipping page for shipping information.

For questions regarding accounts, orders, and billing information, please contact Customer Service at csorders@biolog.com or call 1-800-284-4949.

For techical questions related to PM Services, and PM Services order status, contact PM Services at PMServices@biolog.com or call 510-670-3370.

For additional information please register with Biolog or contact PMServices@biolog.com.